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Bloom for Parents/Carers

Every parent or carer wants the best for their child, to see them thriving and fulfilling their potential. For parents of a child with SEND or those who think their child may have SEND, it can sometimes feel harder than it should be to get the support that they think their child needs.

Bloom have the expertise and experience to support parents or carers to navigate the complexities of the SEND system. We can provide expert advice, liaise with schools and other professionals and act as an advocate for the child so that they can flourish and thrive.

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Support for parents / carers

Bloom offer support for parents on an individual and bespoke basis.

Examples of support delivered include:

  • Education, Health and Care (EHC) Assessment Applications

  • Education, Health and Care (EHC) family contribution

  • Supporting families at meetings with professionals or in education settings

  • Supporting families to assess and determine options of effective support for their child

  • Referrals to other professional services

  • Supporting families with Annual Review paperwork and at Annual Review meetings

  • Supporting families in liaison with educational settings and local authority SEND Teams

  • General advice around SEND and Inclusion

We offer an initial FREE 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss a bespoke consultancy package. A costed proposal is then produced for consideration.

Let us enable every child to flourish.

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