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Bloom SEND Consultancy is founded on two key beliefs: that every child has the capacity to flourish and thrive, and that every child has the right to a high quality education.

Not every child is the same. When a child has additional needs they may need some extra support to reach their potential.

Bloom supports parents, carers and schools to effectively support children with special education needs and disabilities (SEND), giving every child the chance to flourish and thrive.

For Parents/Carers

Every parent or carer wants the best for their child, to see them thriving and fulfilling their potential. For parents of a child with SEND or those who think their child may have SEND, it can sometimes feel harder than it should be to get the support that they think their child needs.

For Schools

Bloom Consultancy packages for schools are developed on an individual basis, reflecting the needs and priorities of each school. Bloom supports schools to develop high quality inclusive practise and provision for children with SEND, enabling all children to flourish.

Flower Blossoms

Let us enable every child to flourish

A Good Story

About Bloom

“Having the right interventions and support in place at the earliest age possible clearly makes a difference to a child’s education, but I am driven by the belief that it does so much more than that. When a child is properly understood, with tailored support around them, the benefits are seen in their home life, their friendships, their physical health and their mental health. It enables every child to flourish and thrive."

Rachel Peregrine, Bloom Founder


"During a period of instability in our ever growing SEND department (school size 1100), Rachel was an effective, efficient and compassionate leader of our improvement plan. Despite only being on site one day a week, Rachel's impact on the structure, the systems and the support for both staff and students was tangible. Rachel also supported us though completing several outstanding EHCPs and working with the local authorities to ensure our most vulnerable students got the support they need. Rachel is a consummate professional and we would readily use her expertise again."

Hetty Blackmore,

Secondary Headteacher

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